flotant design

by studiojane

some thoughts on design needs

needs anchor to harbor bed

structure must be very robust to withstand high waves, winds (is a bendable structure most ideal?), should it be boatlike, or island like, or buoylike

use recycled materials for floating: water and milk bottles

needs a porous meshlike material for roots to grab onto

roots dangle below floating terrain into the water

anything installed on top needs to be buoy like, be able to tip and restabilize itself


design considerations:

must float, withstand high wind, big waves, keep plants alive, create rich root bed, provide mussle (and what other) creature habitat, be able to support radio and post box, be modular so can be stored, put in, and removed easily, modules need to be able to hook together, and separate as needed



should we design our own, or should we adapt another design with credit, or should we use another prefab design (biohaven)?



biohavens (look at image search to see design approach)

Living Classroom Foundation built one in Baltimore harbor, video using water bottles and coconut husk mesh

venetian salt marsh lace project