a marsh as a boundary

by klmitchell

A storm surge model of Boston depicts land use impact of a typical high tide (top) and a worst-case scenario storm surge of 5.5 meters (bottom). Each dot accounts for 100,000 square feet of either residential (yellow), commercial (red), or industrial (purple) built structure. (http://environment.harvard.edu/node/3272)


The outright destruction of salt marshes has been virtually halted in Massachusetts since 1963 when Massachusetts adopted the state’s Wetlands Protection Act to protect inland wetlands and coastal salt marshes. Since then there has been other important state and federal legis- lation aimed at protecting salt marshes and other wetlands. However, 350 years of wetland destruction and pollution have left a lasting legacy on New England salt marshes.  (http://www.mass.gov/czm/smchapter2.pdf)